Speech & Presentation

Delivering Your Presentation With Style And Self Assuredness 

Transform Your Public Speaking Skills With A New Found Confidence

I have been successfully teaching City business people 1 to 1 Speech & Presentation Lessons for over 15 years in the City of London, Canary Wharf and more recently Online.

Corporate Speech And Presentation Skills Lessons

These Sessions Typically Cover:

  • Preparation of the physical voice for all forms of speaking in public
  • How to control nerves with relaxation and other techniques
  • Help with speech structure and delivery
  • Body language, posture, facial expression, use of gesture and eye contact
  • Vocal expression – clarity, inflection, pausing, volume and pitch

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Many people have a fear of speaking in public. This can range from giving presentations at work or to a client, to wedding speeches and everything in between. In any of these situations, the fear of not speaking well, sounding boring, stuttering or sounding nervous can affect both what is being expressed and how we actually physically speak. As presentations are now commonplace in most working environments, the need to speak with confidence and authority is vital.
We will start with the voice itself and work to strengthen and enrich it, before moving on to effective speech work. This initial work incorporates breath and diaphragmatic control as we need to start thinking of the breath as being the fuel for our speech. Then we will develop perfect resonance and understand the importance of effective pitch modulation to improve the texture of the voice. Understanding the mechanics of effective articulation is vital for a fluid attractive speech pattern, so we will drill the muscles that correctly shape our vowels and consonants to produce a smooth and commanding delivery
Fortunately, everyone can learn to speak with confidence. The use of body language, eye contact and direct address are all essential keys to effective public speaking and we will be working on all of these aspects. But the crucial single most important factor is the voice. How do we sound? How do we keep our audience listening, when having to often incorporate endless facts and statistics? How do we shape and structure our speech? How do we control nerves and keep our voice steady, confident and calm, even if we’re terrified? We will work together on all of these areas, in an easy to understand and cohesive way.
Finally, we will put it all together by working in detail on what you are next preparing to present.

The modern day workplace environment demands much from us in the 21st century, not least to be able to appear assured and confident in whatever we are tasked to do in our jobs. The skills you will learn from these sessions will not only be practical for your workplace needs but they will also give you many positive benefits to take into your personal life. In work, you will deliver a presentation to a potential client, your office team or your firm with great confidence and effectiveness. You will be using the skills you have learnt to affect the many outcomes you are looking to achieve during work and to influence colleagues effortlessly with your ideas. 

So, if you have something specific to present, then we will dissect it in an easy to understand and practical way. We’ll work on it together until you are confident that you are going make the perfect impression.

The first step would be to book a Half Price Taster Lesson, where I will take you through some of the basics for posture, correct breathing and some basic voice exercises. We also discuss your reasons for wanting Speech and Presentation lessons so that I can then tailor any subsequent sessions to your specific requirements.

Online Lessons – Since the Covid-19 lockdown I have been offering my clients the opportunity to have online lessons. These have proven to be hugely successful because of their convenience. As I now tend to be teaching more online lessons from home, I am able to be far more flexible with my time; this means that my clients have a far greater choice as to when they schedule their lessons, with many now choosing to have them early in the morning, early evening or even on the weekends. Lessons are delivered via Zoom and they work tremendously well, in fact equally as well as face to face sessions. I am currently offering a small discount for Online Lessons.

Face to Face Lessons 

I offer live lessons at two venues:

Home Studio: Kettering Northants

London: Studio by arrangement 

Alternatively, many of my clients prefer to book out a room at their firm’s offices for their lesson.

Linking the skills and qualities that music can offer to the time conscious lifestyles of today’s City business people