Singing Lessons

The Perfect Work/Life Balance Activity to Relax and Rejuvenate 

Enjoy Some ‘Me Time’ During your Working  Week

I have been successfully teaching city business people 1 to 1 singing lessons for over 15 years in the City of London, Canary Wharf and more recently online. 

Apart from learning a fun new skill, clients benefit from mastering a large number of additional skills which have proven to help them in the workplace, particularly during meetings, when client facing and also for work presentations and speeches.

These additional skills include:

Corporate singing lessons

Understanding the importance of perfect body alignment and posture – not only essential for good general health, but it also creates a positive, albeit subconscious impression on those you come into contact with.

Corporate singing lessons

Correct breathing – helps us to relax properly in stressful situations and also gives us a more commanding speaking voice

Corporate singing lessons

Presence – The performing arts and singing in particular, is an ideal vehicle to truly understand how to achieve this elusive trait that is easily recognised in those who have it. Having ‘presence’ can be of huge benefit not only in workplace scenarios but also in our everyday personal lives.

Corporate singing lessons

Work/Life Balance – firms are now acknowledging how important this can be, particularly as it helps their staff to be more productive in the workplace; what could be more relaxing than taking 40 minutes out of your working day to enjoy learning a new and fun skill!

Corporate singing lessons

It’s Official – Singing offers us Huge Proven Health Benefits

There is now a growing amount of research proving the many health benefits we gain with regular singing sessions. Just take a quick look below:

The benefits we derive from singing

Top health benefits we enjoy through singing

Further impressive benefits we get when we sing

Sing in a choir to improve your health and happiness

Find out more…

Well, first and foremost I am very mindful that for the majority of my clients, lessons are an opportunity to relax and take some ‘time out’ from the stresses of their hectic working lives. So my main focus is always on creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere during our lessons together. We normally start with some posture exercises then move on to breathing. Then we do a few warm up and voice building exercises and finally we learn a song. The song can be literally anything you fancy trying, but of course, I can also suggest something if you need a little inspiration! My focus will be on helping you progress from week to week so that you gain confidence when using both your speaking and singing voice. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of positive ‘knock on’ benefits learning to sing will bring to pretty much every area of your life!

I teach all styles of singing, including musical theatre, contemporary, jazz all the way though to classical and opera; in fact many of my clients enjoy experimenting with the musical genres to see which ones they prefer, and we progress from there.

Some clients look on their lessons simply as ‘me time’ to unwind and relax during the course of a busy working day; others like pushing themselves a little further. So we have regular Student Online Concerts where we invite family, friends and work colleagues to attend. These are very relaxed low key events with the emphasis on having fun and where you can try out what you’ve been learning in your lessons. I also organise live concerts in London so there are lots of opportunities to put into practice what you are learning, should you wish to.

The first step would be to book a Half Price Taster Lesson, where I will take you through some of the basics for posture, correct breathing and warm up voice exercises. We also discuss your reasons for wanting to try singing lessons so that I can then tailor any subsequent lessons to your specific requirements.

Online Lessons – Since the Covid-19 lockdown I have been offering my clients the opportunity to have online lessons. These have proven to be hugely successful because of their convenience. As I now tend to be teaching more online lessons from home, I am able to be far more flexible with my time; this means that my clients have a far greater choice as to when they schedule their lessons, with many now choosing to have them early in the morning, early evening or even on the weekends. Lessons are delivered via Zoom and they work tremendously well, in fact equally as well as face to face sessions. I am currently offering a small discount for Online Lessons.

Face to Face Lessons 

I offer live lessons at two venues:

Home Studio: Kettering Northants

London: Studio by arrangement 

Alternatively, many of my clients prefer to book out a room at their firm’s offices for their lesson.

Linking the skills and qualities that music can offer to the time conscious lifestyles of today’s City business people