Elocution Lessons


I have taken some elocution lessons with Mark as I wanted to have a more International/American sounding accent. Mark’s coaching style is very friendly and fun, which makes you feel comfortable in the lessons quickly. He has a detailed understanding of the nuances that come together to compose every accent, and explains them with examples. I recommend him as a teacher.

Current Credit Suisse Employee
Canary Wharf 

I was put in touch with Mark around 3 years ago because I needed help delivering a presentation I had been asked to do within my team at work. I am from India and although my understanding of English is very good, my accent seemed to be a stumbling block. Mark has really helped me to produce a much clearer vocal production and has taken me through all the correct vowel shapes. He has also taught me the importance of dipthongs and all these components in combination have been instrumental in making me a much more confident person in meetings, when presenting and additionally when client facing. We also work a lot on presence and how to present yourself when delivering a presentation or leading a meeting. We have now switched to online lessons since Covid 19 and these have proven to be so much more convenient for me. If you are using English as your second language to communicate in the workplace and currently struggling with your accent, I would highly recommend Mark

Mohammed A
KPMG – Canary Wharf