The perfect entertainment for Wedding Breakfasts, Corporate Functions and Parties!

Imagine the scenario! – Your guests are enjoying a lovely 3 course meal at your function, event or ceremony. Suddenly there is a commotion between two of the waiters and a rather embarrassing argument ensues!! One of the waiters announces that it is his last day working for the company before he must go back to Italy to work in the family business, and would dearly love to sing a little song to say ‘goodbye’ if it is ok with everyone in the room. Of course everyone is touched, and warmly applaud the idea! He starts singing – very badly for the first phrase then blows his cover with a beautiful rendition of the famous aria!! We have many ‘reveals’ to choose from, but we normally find that the best ones are bespoke and so we would consult with you on this before suggesting the best one for your evening! 

As you can imagine, the guests go crazy at the end of it! The act is normally 20 minutes in length and can be performed with one, two or ideally three singers and we often suggest ‘planting’ a guest soprano at one of the tables!
 This is a hugely popular and successful form of ‘surprise entertainment’ which works for literally any type of function.

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