Why Live Wedding Entertainment

A Wedding is one of the most unforgettable days of a couple’s life. Indeed, such events are viewed as the beginning of a long, exquisite journey down the fulfilling road of matrimony. While the food, the wedding photography and the presence of friends and loved ones is certainly memorable, there is perhaps no better way to punctuate a wedding than with the choice of professionally choreographed live music. When speaking of such lively entertainment, Mark Luther is simply one of the best in the business.

The Choice is Yours

It is only natural that different weddings will require different themes that the couple and the guests will enjoy. Thus, the repertoire of Mark Luther reflects such eclectic desires; allowing all of his acts to fit seamlessly within the event itself. Should a couple wish to memorialise an unforgettably sweet moment upon the dance floor, the bride and groom may choose a modern twist on the Robbie Williams classic “Angels”. Or, perhaps the wedding is classically styled; renditions of “Ave Maria” or “Piu Jesu” may be perfectly suited. For guests and families that prefer a decidedly English twist, a few choice acts from musician Marks Tom Jones Covers act are certainly a welcome addition. Even songs from West Side Story are all within the range of this talented performer. The end result will be a truly magnificent wedding that will echo within the minds and hearts of all who will attend.

More Than Music Alone

One of the hallmarks that has allowed Mark to stand out from his numerous contemporaries is the fact that he very much brings the “whole package” to any wedding entertainment. While the music alone will undoubtedly punctuate this special day, bespoke acts such as singing waiters, crowd interaction and even songs that can be directly based off of the foods provided are but a few of the talents that he will provide. Thus, all guests can expect a very “hands-on” experience that will bring as many smiles as it will offer lasting memories.

Of course, each wedding is quite unique in and of itself. For those who wish to emphasise the love and affection between the blushing bride and bashful groom, a combination of live music and entertainment is one of the best options. Not only will professionals such as Mark Luther bring an air of immortality to this treasured event, but they will do so with a class and style that further defines what will certainly prove to be one of the most memorable days of one’s life. These are but a handful of reasons why professionally chosen and choreographed live music is indeed one of the best choices a couple could ever make for their wedding day.

Based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, travel to neighbouring counties such as Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Beds, Bucks and Hearts is available, and Mark is also available for wedding entertainment through the UK.  You can contact Mark here to check for availability and to plan your perfect wedding entertainment package.

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